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Case study: Kopparberg and integration

I also sat in on a case study about Kopparberg the drinks brand at my recent excursion to JUMP conference.  They’ve done some really interesting and creative work which has travelled brilliantly across platforms and media.

What’s interesting is that have created an almost cult-ish following by moving away from their original creative based around their arguably stale image of Swedish heritage, towards an underground, youth focused image, whilst keeping the idea of being something authentic and credible.

The big idea = if you find Koppaberg you’ll find cool stuff.

It was done on a relatively low budget too apparently by tapping into existing underground gigs, films, events etc.  Through these they created a fully immersive experience based around the theme of ‘discovery’ (and they also managed to create loads of creative assets relatively cheaply in the process).  They ‘sponsored’ The Joy formidable and created a promo for them, which became their ad and also used photography from the gigs for print.  The band are now tipped to be one of the biggest new acts of the year.

Facebook fans 7k > 24K. Sales up 52%. so can’t have been a bad job!

Have a look:

‘Find a new place to party, an undiscovered band, an underground event or a new creative talent. Find the special, the rare and the wonderful. Find Kopparberg.’


Heineken and the value engaging digital content

Gosh it has been a while since I posted.

Anyway,  I went to a conference earlier this week about the convergence of digital with traditional marketing.

Thought I would share something interesting, seeing as you are likely sat around chomping on your sarnie.

First one is a case study from Heineken, which originally started as a PR Stunt for the Italian market and the video of it went viral globally and reached an audience of 40 million (so they say).

Definitely worth a watch for some creative inspiration.  Reminds us of the power of creating engaging and entertaining content is one of the most powerful things on the web (not static brochure websites!).

There was a good quote from the campaign:

‘Don’t show me the script, show me the press release’ (Founder of Crispin Porter and Bogusky)


I always spam our office every day with links of stuff I find which I think is cool, innovative or inspiring.  So I decided to round them up in a weekly Digital Dooby instead of a trickle of spam (ew trickling Spam…not a nice thought).

So I thought I’d spread the love even more and share it with you too!  So here it is … a few links to digital stuff I like. Me, me, me.

Sharpies ‘Uncap what’s Inside
Fun site effectively using social media and tapping into the recession ‘make, do and mend’ trend. Really liked their idea for customising sandwich bags!

Sharpie 'Uncap what's inside'

Sharpie 'Uncap what's inside'

We make stories
Penguin kids site to encourage kids to learn about story telling:

Creativity doesn’t need a big budget

Made on a $0 budget with the directors in one country and the band in another this music video is pretty nifty.  Makes you think how you can come up with some really cool ideas, even when you have a lot of constraints.  Streeetches the imagination.

Sour music video

Sour music video

Webdesign and projects checklists

Inspiration about usability, design, briefs etc to help finesse your work….:

Mash-up inspiration
Lots of examples of Google maps mash-ups to inspire e.g seinfeld maps, michael Jackson tribute map, wikipedia on Google maps.

Doing your Christmas shopping?

If you are doing you Christmas shopping at the moment, and – Amazon, Curry’s or Dixon’s will be on your hit list, then don’t forget this link which I’ve set up on my breast cancer charity page:

If you use these links to do your shopping a percentage of the sale will go to Breast Cancer charities at no cost to yourself!  I’m basically using affiliate networks, which people usually use for personal gain but this time to give it back to charity.  I will put the money through – so that another 28% is donated via Gift Aid!

Giving to charity has never been so easy (and cheap) eh!

Thanks from me and all the breast cancer patients you are going to be helping  x x

Example 1: A great digital idea turned to sh*t

The coke digital Christmas card campaign. Decorate my house?  Decorate the house from the view of a spy plane?

I was so excited about this campaign when I heard about it.  The idea of using google maps to decorate my house with Christmas lights; sounds so cute and Christmassy!  There are so many exciting developments going on with google maps at the mo I thought this could be a winner.  But I think the results are disappointing.

Decide for yourself.