Case study: Kopparberg and integration

I also sat in on a case study about Kopparberg the drinks brand at my recent excursion to JUMP conference.  They’ve done some really interesting and creative work which has travelled brilliantly across platforms and media.

What’s interesting is that have created an almost cult-ish following by moving away from their original creative based around their arguably stale image of Swedish heritage, towards an underground, youth focused image, whilst keeping the idea of being something authentic and credible.

The big idea = if you find Koppaberg you’ll find cool stuff.

It was done on a relatively low budget too apparently by tapping into existing underground gigs, films, events etc.  Through these they created a fully immersive experience based around the theme of ‘discovery’ (and they also managed to create loads of creative assets relatively cheaply in the process).  They ‘sponsored’ The Joy formidable and created a promo for them, which became their ad and also used photography from the gigs for print.  The band are now tipped to be one of the biggest new acts of the year.

Facebook fans 7k > 24K. Sales up 52%. so can’t have been a bad job!

Have a look:

‘Find a new place to party, an undiscovered band, an underground event or a new creative talent. Find the special, the rare and the wonderful. Find Kopparberg.’


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