A noble cause – web accessiblity

Accessibility is all about making sure your website, app etc is accessible to all regardless of any disability.  See wiki for more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_accessibility).

I was recently looking to educate myself a little more about this topic and found this article on accessibility which summarises some of the key points.  So even if you aren’t going for the top  AAA standard (apparently fairly hard to attain), this is a good starting point for the basics:  http://www.accessible.org/accessible-web-designs.html.

Examples include:

  • Making sure buttons make sense by themselves i.e. if it says ‘click here’ a partially sighted person tabbing through content won’t know what they are clicking to see.  So better to say ‘click here for news’.
  • Making sure the images and text are enlargeable.
  • Making sure images and maps have alt tags.


The guidelines come from the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Guidelines – which I believe is the main document everyone referts to for AAA standards and has lots of detail in it: http://www.w3.org/WAI/


One response to “A noble cause – web accessiblity

  1. I would like to comment on the article by adding that Web standards are very important. See what is now taking place inbetween HTML5 vs. Flash.

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