3D interactive cinema game by 02

I recently did a presentation on innovation at my agency, to keep us and clients up to speed with new happenings in the digital world.  My main conclusion was to remind people that digital is more than just a mouse and a screen.  ‘Digital can be everywhere’ in the words of our 3D bod.

One innovation I looked at was interactive Cinema, as used by Volvo.  The in-cinema car driving game is controlled by the audience holding their hands up to control the direction of the car.  It looks a bit shaky from the demo video (below), with the car not really responding to the audience movement so well. So lets hope 02’s latest application of this digital technology is a bit more slick.

Going live on 10th July, ‘Asteroid Storm’ will feature in the trailer reels before Ice Age 3 3D and G-Force in the summer, followed by Up and Toy Story 3D in the autumn.

02 Interactive Cinema game

02 Interactive Cinema game

The game takes place on ‘Starship O2’ which is trapped in an asteroid belt. The audience is told by the captain that the ship has been damaged and that their help is needed to steer the ship back on course. Again by using their hands the audience is able to control the direction of the spaceship.

The 3D game itself is powered by technology from iO and was conceived by O2’s media agency, ZenithOptimedia. Creative work was done by VCCP and Agency Republic.

People expect a more and more from their cinema – it’s not just a venue anymore, they want more of an experience and a hightened feeling of an ‘adventure’.  Family are a key audience that cinemas are wanting to tap into, so digitally lead interactive and immersive experiences like this will be a great way to keep audiences coming back for more.


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