Siftables…more innovative stuff

My research this week is yielding yet more fantastic innovative finds. I love these tiny interactive computers called Siftables which I found on the TED talks.

I can see huge potential not only for teaching, music but also imagine social networks going offline. Clever gadgets to transfer information, connect and share in the ‘real’ world.



It’s very exciting this growing convergence of digital with real world and clearly where the future is, for digital to become truely indispensible and purposeful in our lives.

Here’s some more examples I’ve spotted of late:

Microsoft Surfaces

Olinda social radio

Interactive walls

Interactive windows

Exciting stuff.


One response to “Siftables…more innovative stuff

  1. I work for the IT Department for a School District in my City. These are incredible little devices that I can see the Education system benefiting from positively for students. Most people say, the best way to learn, is being ‘hands-one’! Does anyone know how / when I can purchase / buy these siftables?

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