The ‘flash dance’ bandwagon is definitely full

I know that everyone is trying to create something ‘viral’ these days. But really, Cadbury’s Trident chewing gum really could try harder in terms of originality.

To promote a competition, in which you can win tickets to see Beyonce, they staged a dance stunt at Picadilly circus, London. So basically lots of scantily clad dancers, shaking their booties to Beyonce’s track ‘Single Ladies’

Perhaps it wouldn’t be so irritating if we hadn’t just had the T-mobile flash mob advert. This was a relatively original idea in terms of mass media. Not an original idea really though, as flash mobs have been happening for quite some time on the ‘street’. Also known as ‘silent raves’. It was a shame in the first place that T-mob had to steal the idea. But c’est la vie.

So second degree butchering of an idea is just unforgiveable Mr.Trident.

However, despite it’s unorginality, it could be a rehashed idea that works: people bitching about how unorginal it is (like me) and how it is too soon after T-mob and the result is the aim of the game – raising brand awareness.

In fact – scrap that – it just gets on my nerves, its unoriginal and I am certainly not having a positive brand association right now.


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