Loo based idea

Just had another blinding idea.  At least I think so.

In Japan, they have these amazing electronic toilets.  When you are using the loo and you might make a noise that will cause you to blush, these loos have a little button you can press.  When you press the button, the loo makes a loud toilet flushing noise to disguise any indiscreet noises that you might be creating.  Hence, your blushes are spared and the world sighs with relief, that polite society still reigns.

It’s genius.  It’s ridiculous.  It’s also entertaining.

So, I was thinking … a loo paper company should create an app which makes a whole host of ridiculous sounds to cover up any noises you make, not just a loo flushing.  It could even be as silly as someone famous saying in a loud voice ‘Please cover your ears. I am about to fart!’.

One problem I can see is that I think it would be a 100% male usage …  ladies never fart!


One response to “Loo based idea

  1. My friend just told me he has a friend setting up a loo paper company and is sending the idea to them.

    I’d love to see it used!

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