Aggregation Nation

Just happened upon this site…and I’m not sure what it is…..but I like it…!?

Perhaps a Twitter aggregator?

Nothing new there, but it has helped clarify a thought that has lurking around in my head about how aggregation is becoming a common theme at the moment – think Skittles recent overlay site which aggregates content about the brand from Flickr, Twitter, Youtube etc.

I guess as we become more and more social on the web, people are looking to aggregate this new fast moving content, conversations and thinking. They need to sift through it even quicker also be able to understand the ever growing channels to actually find the meaning they really want or need.

So I’m going to be thinking about how brands can help with this. How could this idea translates into something that actually makes consumers lives easier, more manageable and meaningful? I’ll let you know if I come up with any corkers.


One response to “Aggregation Nation


    Surely this bits more up your street:

    And if not, this!

    Keep it up Hayley my love

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