Ideas of the day

I often have lots of random ideas….so I decided I may as well share them with the world, rather than let them waste and fester in my noggin’.

I’ve been thinking a lot about one of the newer pieces of technology – digital bus stops.  There’s been some cool stuff done, like the Cabury’s touch screen games.  Now, Dove aren’t our client, but I was thinking about them anyway and their positioning as brand that celebrates women and their natural beauty.  So imagine this ladies; it’s first thing in the morning, you are waiting for a bus and you are feeling particularly bleary eyed, somewhat resembling a hamster with pink eye.  You turn around and see a mirror.  ‘Aaaagh!’ I hear you cry.  But then lo-and-behold the mirror starts complimenting you on how gorgeous you are looking!  How wonderful you are!  And what a treat it is to cast ‘eyes’ on you this fine morning!

So how does it work – basically, you could use the touchscreen technology to create a digital mirror which has audio built in and perhaps even combine motion sensors to detect movement –  to give women of the world compliments.  You could even use the touchscreen, so that the women can tailor the compliments e.g. what colour eye, hair etc.

I’d be up for a few compliments….not enough going around the world in my opinion.

Second idea of the day, is not necessarily digital, but would be good to share digitally: a social study of the demographic of bus stops throughout the day.


I realised, at 7am this morning that demographic of a bus stop is markedly different to that at say 9am, 12pm etc and how interesting it would be to photograph the ‘demographic’ throughout the day.  Would I be right that at 7am you see labourers and typically foreign workers (this is from my observation this morning), at 8.30am white-collar workers, 11am mothers and babies, 1am drunkards and students etc… would be interesting to find out if i’m right!

Here ends bus related ideas of the day.


4 responses to “Ideas of the day

  1. That’s great!

    How would you tell the difference between a man and a woman??

    • Ha ha! I had thought about this and was wondering if someone would ask. You could set it up so that the motion detectors detect a person. They first audio track is ‘whit woo gorgeous….come over here’. Then the first touch screen choice is: are you a man or a woman? Men get told to go and give a ‘natural beauty a compliment at least once today’. Women get the full works with the compliments…..

      So there you go! Hope you like.

  2. Ah ok – though if it couldn’t tell if I was a man or woman, I’m not sure I’d believe its compliments to be terribly sincere..

    Sounds great otherwise!

    • Hmm unless you use video cameras and audio. It would be funny to do that in for the launch perhaps. Don’t think economically or practically feasible throughout the campaign otherwise : )

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