Marketing = doing something for people!

I really liked the Phd presentation I spied in fellow Planner, Paul Isakson’s blog, covering the idea which is hopefully a growing trend: marketing = doing something for people.

I think this is so true, especially as most of as feeling completely overwhelmed by the amount of communications, ultimately switching us off.  If these communications weren’t just slick brand peices, and actually delivered something to the consumer, then they could well have a lot more cut-through.  Especially in the digital sphere.  Consumers want more than a brand just preaching at them ‘aren’t we lovely, buy, buy.  Cos’ I’m seeexy and you waaant me’. Plus, I think if brands and marketing bods start to see digital technology as the means not the end, then the picture gets even more interesting: what, you mean actually thinking through digital and not jumping on the bandwagon?  Oooh novel.

Paul shares a great example – the recent Cadburys recent campaign.  ‘Errr what did a gorilla add do for me?’ I hear you cry.  Well it dam well entertained you.  Didn’t it?  That’s not a bad thing to do.

I also personally like what Coke have done with the Coke-Tag widget.  Helping people aggregate content, control it and share it. Oooh and a widget that could actually be useful (could be a first? Joke).  Plus, it’s not all Coke content you share either, it’s whatever you want.  Thanks Coke.

So Paul’s mantra, which isn’t a bad one – educate, connect, entertain, be useful.  Pick one brands, and dam well deliver.  Cos’ I am as demanding as the next consumer.

(I’m slightly fractious this evening).


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