My ‘letter’ from Woolworths

I just got this email from Woolworths (see below).  So far, I think it’s fantastic what they are doing to rebuild the brand.  Engaging their market before they create the product.  It’s the ideal situation for marketeers and brand strategists, so it will be interesting to see it they make the most of the situation.

And the situation is rather unique – they have amazing brand equity and a huge fan base already behind them, that want them to succeed.  The eyes of Britain and the publicity machine is already on them too.  I believe most people would like to see them rise like a phoenix from the ashes.  A sign of optimism, in not so happy times?

The question is what are they going to do with all this amazing insight they are getting from their current activity?  Everyone clearly saw, the cause of their demise was that the brand was too diluted.  What did Woolworths stand for?  But does having such a diverse offering, matter as much in the online space?  Look at what Amazon are doing.  But this all grew from a start point of clear brand messaging.

So I look forward to watching this journey of rebuilding a great British brand (with slightly baited breath!).


Greetings from

All we can say is wow! So far, more than 200,000 of you have taken the trouble to visit us at We have been delighted by your interest in our plans for the new Woolworths and we have had some fantastic suggestions for new products and what old favourites we should keep. We’ve taken a few days to get back to you as we are currently going through every comment we have received to make sure we capture all your views. Your ideas and suggestions will be important in helping us to create a Woolworths that is right for you and all Woolworths’ customers, past, present and future. There is a real sense of excitement amongst the team here and we can tell from your emails that you are feeling as excited and optimistic for the new as we do. We want to see the Woolworths name around for at least another 100 years and with your help we will. Thanks for your continued enthusiasm and support – we’ll be back in touch soon. The Team.


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