Cool uses of Twitter API

To be honest Twitter talk is doing my head in.  But I can’t seem to escape it.  I also can’t seem to escape it as I am interested to see how it will develop.  Dam you Twitter.

Indeed, it might not be Twitter itself that in the end is useful/decent but the stuff developed off the back of it and ideas it generates?

So on that note, I have been thinking about the Twitter API and some of the random sites that are popping up which are using it:

  1. Bit like I feel fine: Twistori.Location based tracking:
  2. Location based tracking: twitterearth
  3. Random: My Tiny Jesus

Some bizarre uses of the API but perhaps food for thought in terms of tracking terms (brings tag clouds to mind ) and new ways of displaying information to facilitate, for example search. E.g. You could track the term ‘MyBrand’ and see what is being said and put this on your site.   I can see this being particularly applicable to a campaign.  For example you could get people to Twitter a certain word, and they would see this pop-up on your site and in return they get a discount….sorry really lame idea….but no time to think now…get your cells working!


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