Skitch – lovely software

Happy New Year…i’ve had a digital break over the New Year and come back feeling fresh!  I hope you have too.

I’ve just been introduced to some lovely new software called Skitch.  It’s screengrab software that allows you to annotate  the screenshot directly i.e. clearly point out a webpage functionality or issue you are trying desperately to explain to a client remotely.

It then also allows you to publish this directly to a url of  your own.  Which is nifty if don’t want to send a jpeg or allow multiple people to view easily.

I think it needs a few tweaks to make it more professional – better type face, some instant arrow tools – basically more functionality so you can customise.  But for now, its better than taking a screen shot, importing to power point, annotating, blah, blah…etc.  My friend has also recommended Jing, which I have yet to try and would love to hear more about, as in all honesty I can’t be bothered downloading yet more software just yet.

I also wonder if the digital world will start using Skitch et al as a kind of ‘image blogging’ i.e. a way to talk about what they have seen and have an opinion about, more directly.  As each person has their own account and page which could be socially bookmarked, I also wonder if there will be any Skitch superstars?  Move over Twitter for knowledge sharing?  I doubt it, but a nice little bit of software anway.


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