New EMI site – Review

The new EMI site sparked a wee ‘discussion’ in our office and as I’m the consumer champion i.e. Planner I thought I had to add my two pence worth.

…..”Any site and any social site included still needs to be a well thought through digital idea.

I don’t see the point of having a music site limited by the label (i.e. Emi) – who actually knows which artists are signed to which labels? I personally don’t think that people don’t care about music labels they care about music.  What was EMI’s starting point when they thought about this?  Did they really think about what the consumer wants?  Also what about the artists existing sites that will already carry a lot of fan orientated material.  I have to ask myself what new stuff is this site really bringing to the party?

It looks to me like a case of…’oh isn’t social networking something we should get on the bandwagon for’ without thinking through what is actually missing in the market and what the audience really want – instead they seem to have rehashed a lot of existing stuff from the web rather obviously.  Could they have done something better as a tie up with maybe rather than creating another social network?  What do music lovers want they don’t have in terms of social networks?…..maybe at the moment nothing… putting another badly thought through social site out there isn’t going to create much ROI for them.

I hate it when brands jump on the digital band wagon and don’t think it through fully or give a fig about consumers.

Rant over.  I haven’t looked at the site in great great detail, so pardon any misinformed ranting”.

So there you go – my opininion – what’s yours?


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