What info sources do customers trust?

I found an interesting slide on what information sources people trust (below). It’s taken from the Wave study.  It’s interesting to note that MSN conversations are rated 3rd.  Is this a source that brands have tapped into fully? Could they do more to harness this?  Advertising on MSN is an obvious one.  But how could instant messaging be worked into review sites?  Into product sites?  How could brands make it easier to share information via instant chat e.g. images that people can easily send during the conversation or product reviews.  Is there some search function that could be attached to chat prorgrammes to facilitate this sharing of info.  Also is there anyway to track what is being said in instant conversations, so that targeted ads can be served (little bit close to the privacy bone, but just a thought to stimulate those grey cells).

Interesting to note that again forms of social media are topping the bill in terms of trust – with ‘consumer reviews on retail sites’ at number four, reviews on price comparison sites at 5 and blogs at number 6.  And still companies can’t see the value of social media channels.  I read recently that only 55% of marketing officers are considering using social media.  When will they learn?

One small joy – I’m glad to note that Celebrity recommendation is bottom the list.

The image is quite small, so if you want a jpeg of it.  Then please email me at hayley@collectivelondon.com.

trusted information sources for purchase decisions


One response to “What info sources do customers trust?

  1. It just goes to show you how much we trust corporations, major organizations and government. We tend to want to trust ourselves when it comes to making decisions – not an organization that we know has other goals.

    However, I believe that our decisions should be based on our own ability to decipher the truth in things. Like any old journalists, double check your facts with two or three credible sources, make a decision for yourself and chances are you will be more on the mark than anything you read on the internet.

    I once heard an interview where two people were talking about the internet and one of them stated that ‘the internet is a mile wide – but it is only an inch deep’. So take care of what you read on the internet – no matter who may have written it.

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