Help me want to use you more

I just read that the BBC are now offering online recipe videos and something struck me: there is a lot (LOT) of educational content online, but what is missing?

In my opinion, structure.  Like a good old fashioned syllabus.  Not everyone wants to just dip in and out.  Some people would like to do a cost effective alternative to a basic cookery course or french cookery course. They would also have more of a sense of achievement, potentially longer term engagement with the site and ability to set goals.

Of course you would need to allow users who want to dip in and out do that, but others like a bit of structure and sense of purpose.

So when are we going to see the online cookery school from the BBC or others, or a way of tailoring your own syllabus (basically a list of favourites and a tick off list)?  And how many other examples of this lack of structure are there… content, language learning content, podcasts….?


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