How far can I go with a charity idea and social media?

I recently set up a wee charity endeavour: and have decided to do a little social media experiment and learn more about how useful it is for useful for promoting charities in particular.

The idea behind is – raising smiles and funds.  So people simply hold a charity days at their offices, where everyone wears wigs, has a laugh, smiles and raises funds for breast cancer charities.  My motivation was my sisters recent diagnosis and fear of loosing her hair.

I’m not trying to make money out of people for my own end, I am encouraging people to have fun and I obviouly have no budget for this – so my question is, how much can I learn from others via social media to promote this and how much will social media allow we to promote this?

Btw – we raised £216.50 at the xmas meal in aid of Wig Out on Saturday and had tons of fun!  Every penny counts eh.

So i’m calling on the social media community and beyond to help me do some good:  i’d love to hear your advice about how I can learn from social media and how I can use social media to promote the concept – and in return i’ll do the fund raising on you behalf.


2 responses to “How far can I go with a charity idea and social media?

  1. Last week I wrote an article about how new media can be used for online fundraising. It’s fairly long, scroll down to the bottom to see how we use social media in our own social platform called Play it Forward (we’ll launch in January 2009!)

    Our temporary homepage:, good luck with your efforts and let me know what you think, cheers,


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