Example 1: A great digital idea turned to sh*t

The coke digital Christmas card campaign. Decorate my house?  Decorate the house from the view of a spy plane?

I was so excited about this campaign when I heard about it.  The idea of using google maps to decorate my house with Christmas lights; sounds so cute and Christmassy!  There are so many exciting developments going on with google maps at the mo I thought this could be a winner.  But I think the results are disappointing.

Decide for yourself.


4 responses to “Example 1: A great digital idea turned to sh*t

  1. why do you think that? i think it’s pretty well done and had fun dolling up the office and my house.

  2. Maybe I have to imagine a little bit more than I expected? I wanted to see the front of my house with pretty wee decorations and feel like I was in an American cheesy movie. I just didnt’ get that from it. It feels a bit rushed to me too….like oooh google maps – lets do something with that and be first! I don’t think they really wanted for us just to see the tops of the house. It’s not a total failure but just not the best execution of the concept by any stretch of the imagination either. Half-baked.

  3. the flipside of that is, i’d be slightly freaked out if google maps could get a front view of my house. i’d imagine people peeking through my windows!

  4. nice blog ! I agree, brilliant idea, ruined in execution. I want to see at least approximations of top-down christmas trees bustling for attention outside my house, not a symbol that makes me do all the hard work in my TINY LITTLE MIND.

    Also, not over the moon about having to give my consent for coca cola to contact me if I want to save the image.

    Not that I’d actually want to.

    Bah bumlove.

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