Twitter….what’s the @bl**dy point?!

I have to admit, I did nearly give up with Twitter.  I thought it was a geek world full of self-indulgent Facebook feeds.  But what kept me going, was not only characteristic sheer pigheadedness but also the fact that it’s full of early adopters (yes geeks) who tend to be the type of people who talk about the industry stuff I want to know first.  And the more I’ve started using it the more benefits I can see.

So I’m sold….can I take you to the Twitter-side?

1.    It’s not Facebook status feeds – Twitter is not full of self-indulgent Facebook-esque feeds.  It’s all about knowledge sharing – so for you that means industry and brand knowledge building.

2.    Keeps you ahead of the competition – by following the leading commentators and ordinary folk alike people are actively sharing industry information and news before it hits the regular media in nice dinky bite size pieces and links. Which makes you look clever  in front of your clients and colleagues when you share a nice ‘new’ idea.

3.    Networking – you don’t have to be mates with someone to stalk them now!  Twitter allows you to follow who you like and it’s up to them if they want to follow you back or just ignore your noise – but quite often people will return the favour and engage in dialogue.

4.    Profile raising – if enough people start following you and your ramblings, you can go from zero to hero and you’ll be a keynote speaker at FOWA in no time.

5.    Easier than you thought  – If you down load a Twitter firefox add on – it makes it really simple and quick to up-date and follow feeds.  No more logging into a distracting web page all the time. Try this:

What more can twitter do for your brand?

6.    Brands can engage in a real two-way conversation with their customers – brands have the potential to listen to the buzz about their brand in the Twitter-sphere, simply by searching for their keywords and thus actively and instantly respond to their consumers and react instantly.

Search for you brand using Twitter and listen to the noise

7.    Build a reputation for your brand by following potential customers and journalists that write about your space.

8.    Lead generation.

One question though that still remains as to how do I know who is interesting and worth following?  Time is money and all that and I don’t want to listen to people waffling all day (I have Facebook for that).  I’m currently trialling MrTweet…so watch this space on my thoughts.

But so far for me it has been a bit of random luck finding people. One simple way Twitter could make spreading the word much faster is by making it easier to search for people and for categories.  So far it’s been a bit of a treasure hunt.  Although I hear there might be progress

So to get you started – here’s some Twitter voices we are following who we think have something good to say about digital or do digital good:

You got any better twitterers to share?


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